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AWS (Amazon Web Services) is very elaborate. Being very feature rich has its share of disadvantage – hard to use, difficult to find what you need. This doesn’t mean you cant build anything easy on AWS.

The easy (probably easiest) way to launch a web application on AWS is to use Elastic Beanstalk (this should be the competition to Heroku)

  1. This is a “canned” service. You just choose your language of programming and most other things get setup for you automatically. This includes load balancer (ELB), Servers (EC2), Software Stack (Python, Php, Ruby, Java etc – your choice), Auto scaling (add/remove servers automatically based on load).

  2. Support for deploying build, rolling it back to any version.

  3. Multiple environments – You can use this to propagate a build from dev to qa to staging to production easily. Configuration for these stages can be externalized from the code.

  4. Bundled Database (RDS) if you need one. On the other-hand, if you need a no-sql DB, DynamoDB is also equally easy to use.

  5. Cache. Most applications would need a cache between the Database and web-servers. AWS Elasticache (memcache or redis) is a fully managed cache cluster, you can use here. This can come between your RDS/Dynamo and Beanstalk and speed up those reads !

Though this is a canned service, it gives enough flexibility where-ever you need. You can add custom configuration files, if needed. All the individual services packaged by this is also individually controllable.

Tagged as: cloud
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