DAU/MAU (Sticky users) Measurements in Google Analytics

05 Mar 2015
Measure the stickiness of users to your product. Need to know how many of the Same users use your product Daily ? The usual Active Users report doesn't give this numbers.
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Android Audio Playback Programming How-To

04 Mar 2015
Making a checklist for Android Audio Playback Programming for Developers - A short How-To with just the key bullet points
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SEO Checkup Tools

18 Feb 2015
Listing some SEO Checkup tools
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On Page SEO checklist

18 Feb 2015
Websites need to well expose the data to Search engines so that your site can come up in search results. There is On-Page (what a website code should do, like structured data) and Off-Page (the things which you need to do outside the website, like Social media presence).
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Database — sql, nosql

29 Mar 2014
NoSQL databases typically push/prompt the developer to try reduce the relations among the various types of data (call them tables, or objects), by intentionally reducing the power of data-query (no JOINs or transactions).
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Worker vs Responder in Cloud

28 Mar 2014
There is a pattern in this. On a very high level you can classify these clusters into two types — Responder vs Worker
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A Cloud Service Architecture

14 Mar 2014
Trying to present a birds eye view of a cloud service. If you leave out lot of specifics, then it looks very simple (and possibly generic)
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Easy Webapp On AWS

25 Feb 2014
AWS being very feature rich has its share of disadvantage – hard to use, difficult to find what you need. This doesn’t mean you cant build anything easy on AWS.
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Your Cloud Platform – IaaS, PaaS And The Providers

07 Feb 2014
Touching the surface of IaaS, PaaS and various providers like AWS, Google, Heroku
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Programming Stack For Web

05 Feb 2014
Let us talk about the web backend (or server side) programming language with the associated frameworks and libraries. Enough (and probably more than required !) choices are out there – Python, Ruby, Node.js, Java, Php, ASP.Net, JSP etc
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Cloud Powered Apps

11 Aug 2013
Should my application take advantage of cloud ? Or should it fully move to cloud ? This depends on you and what you need to accomplish. I will try to list some points which will make you take informed decision.
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Cloud and Wine

14 Jul 2013
Cloud is the buzzword… Is this old wine in new bottle ?
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